Monday, September 3, 2012

Arranged marriage?

T had a great time with his gal pal Audrey this weekend at our place in Austin. They frolicked in the mud (or, in other words, went in the kiddie pool in our backyard), found out they had similar interests (shared some toys), had a romantic dinner date (without highchairs and trays), and jumped into the bath together. (Yes I know, we won't condone that behavior when they're teenagers, for the time being though, it's adorable).

And thanks to Audrey and Erika, we may (possibly?!) have escaped the bath-time tantrum cycle since he's been asking for them at bath-time instead of pitching a fit since they went home.

Is it too soon to start negotiating an arranged marriage?

Reason #1: T would love his in-laws. Me too!

Reason #2: They already share sweet moments.

Reason #3: It would be totally romantic (for an arranged marriage). After all, they're already sharing the same side of the bench on their first unaccompanied dinner date. It's fate.

Reason #4: They understand teamwork.

Reason #5: Look at those goodbye kisses. See what I mean? It's too cute for words.

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