Thursday, September 20, 2012

Work week success

This week was one of the two big work events my company has every year. It means working really long hours, being on my feet most of the day, and not seeing T for a couple straight days even though we're still technically living under the same roof.  This year, I also had the pleasure of catching T's cold right before my first 5am alarm. Nyquil doesn't mix with being "on" (both in the brain and people sense). Lovely.

The hubs pulled off the single-parenting duty of the week pretty well.  Despite trying unsuccessfully to teach our toddler to "listen" in lieu of saying "no" (and I think quite possibly having a collapsing on the couch moment of frustration after bedtime that non-listening first night) - daddy and son had some good bonding time while mommy was running laps at the local convention center. Hubs even faced a kiddo ear infection and sinus infection head-on, had a solo doctor visit and picked up the prescription (on the second try) for the little guy. Daddy success!

My success over the past few days stemmed from working with an awesomely adorable Australian couple who opened my eyes to an amazing discovery. Apparently the desire to shorten words into halvsies is more than just a 30-something gal thing.  It's an entire continent of Australia thing.  It's the dialect. So now I have a whole new list of bona fide words that I can say without the hubs insisting I'm making it up to be cutesy. I can just say I'm speaking Australian. Cool right? Ok, maybe not overly cool, but I'm tired and stuffy and my brain waves shut off hours ago, so it's the little things that make me happy during this insane work week.

So whose up for some brekkie? Avo?

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