Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The reunion weekend

Finally, some rest. T slept last night. All night long. Sweet sigh of relief!*

It's no wonder! Our reunion weekend at the lake wore him out! College friends, some of their hubbies, and five kids under the age of three all under one roof for three nights. It was great. Maybe Erika will weigh in on the weekend too, since we were there together, but it seemed like a success to me. Constant stimulation for the kiddos meant good naps - and it actually got quiet in the house a couple times a day. The hubbies put together a meal one night. No really, I'm serious. And best of all, no one cracked their head open on the stone fireplace during "group play" (aka running loops around the tiled house again and again and again).

Night times were a little more challenging. We each shared rooms with our kiddos. We've done this bunches of times before and didn't think anything of it, but well, the bunches of times we've shared a room in the past didn't involve day-long football, fishing and beer. So we discovered that T has apparently inherited my inability to sleep through the hubs beer-induced snoring. Not even the usual sound of rain coming from the beloved sound machine (you know, the one I'm obsessed with) could drown out the *gentle* jackhammering. One night he slept great. The other two....let's just say, ouch. Loved the friends, loved the trip....but loved being home in a quiet house in a different room from the kiddo last night! Next time, I think it might be worth it to purchase matching mom and baby earplugs.

Perhaps the lake was a tad dry...but that didn't cramp our style!

*Disclaimer: This might be the most boring post ever. I took a Melatonin (best discovery ever!) a couple hours ago to ease myself to sleep tonight since I'm still a few hours short of actually being rested. I'm so darn relaxed that my brain cells have all gone to sleep already. Maybe I'll try again another day.

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