Friday, January 6, 2012

We survived...

the trip.  And that's honestly all I can write about it at the moment since I've slept about 7 hours out of the past 48 and have another long night ahead of me with a jet-lagged toddler.  *Sigh*  But what's a "vacation" if you don't come back needing a real vacation, right?  Oh, and it appears that our dog came down with pink eye in the kennel.  (Can dogs even get that??)  I probably should be doing something about it, but I'm too damn tired and trying to get boogers out of his eyes keeps Gonzo occupied.  I am a mean pet parent.  But call me after you've spent 31 hours on a plane with an 18-month old in your lap and then we'll talk.  After you finish counting the blood clots in your legs.

1 comment:

  1. Glad you survived! And here's to hoping for no blood clots. Our travel only totaled about 22 hours, which was unusually long because they cancelled my usual shorter route for winter, grrrrrrrr... We saw a woman with three boys (two of whom were twins under 2), and a cat. She was looking a little haggard at the end. I'm dure you looked far more glamorous :)