Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sleep deprived

Momma needs some sleep in the worst way. Really needs some sleep. Like another 8 hours to be exact. Let's be honest, I'd even settle for half that. The first of our friends started arriving yesterday for our big "Reunion" weekend (11 adults, 5 kids, 1 lakehouse - good times!) -- and so T chose last night to have a contender in the "Top 3 Worst Nights Ever" in our household. One being the second night he was home from the hospital and was inconsolable about having his days and nights confused. Two being the infamous puking night. And three being last night, where he woke up at 12:45am and had no interest in going back to sleep and wanted to make sure EVERYONE knew it. Way to go, little dude, way to make a great first impression.

The guest room that our poor jet-lagged friends were in shared a wall with my insanely screaming and hysterically crying little guy. He’d stop crying when we took him out of the crib and would even fall asleep when we rocked him – but the moment we tried to ease him back into his bed, the world started falling apart again. Again and again, until it was time to leave for daycare. So basically, I’ve been awake since I went to bed. Not a fun way to start a work day.

And to add insult to injury, some massive cold front came in last night via the wind (I swear these things just didn’t “blow in” up in NY) and totally did a job on our patio. So in between the Hubs and I switching off on chair rocking duty *all-night long* we were taking turns up-righting the brand-spankin’ new grill as it crashed over in the wind, trying to keep the patio umbrella from ending up in the neighbor’s yard, and moving patio chairs into the kitchen to keep them from going through the windows. All at 3:30am. I know you’re thinking it…Being our houseguests rock!!

I’m currently powering through the day on sugar from M&Ms because I deserve them and contemplating sitting in my car at lunch with my head on the steering wheel. Is it bad that I’m thinking that Benadryl might not be such a bad idea for tonight? Possibly for us both?

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