Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Year of the toddler

Happy New Year, Peeps!

Three days into 2012 and I've learned that there is lots that I don't know about life with a toddler. Yeah, I know that T hasn't even been a year old for a week yet. I guess I'm getting a jump-start on my clueless stage.

So, I've already decided I need to read up on parenting the little dude. Since I thought the Happiest Baby on the Block was pretty darn helpful back in the day, I just ordered the Happiest Toddler on the Block to see what the guy has to say. Considering that T seems to be wanting to talk in the worst way, yet doesn't quite use his words too well yet and thinks that the sign for "all done" (or his "princess wave" as the Hubs puts it) is the universal symbol for anything and everything, I think I'll take any communicating tips the man has for me.

I've learned in the past few days that there really is a purpose to mattress protectors. For the past year, I have been spoiled by zero nighttime messes, except for one major puking incident. (Not fun.) I was starting to doubt the reason that those waterproof thingys even exist. Enter my new toddler. This past week, T has woken up drenched from head to toe in pee each morning (gross), totally quadrupling my laundry load (Voila! Mattress protectors purpose discovered!) and negating any yummy baby smell that the nighttime bath provided.

This leads me to my latest toddler discovery --

That there are such things as nighttime diapers. Who knew? Everyone but me, apparently, since I am the only one in the world that has never used them. Which might just explain the recent overabundance of nighttime pee.

So, three random toddler learnings led me to three toddler purchases in three days. Sorry, Hubs, I think this next stage is gonna be expensive.


  1. Ohhhhhhh G was a super pee-er from early on! We have used the night times for a LONG time :) Toddlers. They will also make your back hurt from chasing them around!

  2. Amanda and I must come from a family of super pee-ers, because both of my kiddies have had the same issue. The nighttime diapers saved us. Seriously.