Friday, March 16, 2012

Am I actually writing a food post?

I wish I could cook better. I really think that if I had the time (and my husband ate anything remotely similar to what I did) I would like to cook and be halfway decent at it. But, alas - neither of those scenarios resemble my life at the moment, so the most cooking I generally do is combining the peanut butter with the jelly.

A friend of mine recently raved about these spinach muffins and I was immediately inspired. This was going to be my foray into the world of cooking and baking. (Momma does enjoy baking some "homemade" brownie-mix brownies with the best of 'em after all!) Not only was I going to bake - but it was from a toddler-oriented recipe website, so vegetables had been snuck into the mix. A win-win for all!

Then, I read the directions a little more carefully and it required (a) a food processor, which I don't currently own and (b) 12 minutes of bake time, after they're assembled. I was a little intimidated. So I was in a conundrum. I really really wanted to try these muffins - but didn't seem to have the equipment or the time to make them. (Hubs traveling for work equates to very little "free" time) Luckily, my mom swooped in, saved the day and made them. And my friend was right, they are delish!

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Since round 1 of kid-friendly recipes was a success, my mom went on a cooking spree. This worked out great for me because I got to serve T all sorts of healthy, homemade meals and not make any of them. Next, she discovered these broccoli pancakes on the same website. Talk about a hit! She now cooks them majorly in bulk and I freeze them. (Unfreezing counts as cooking too, right?) T loves them. I'm addicted. I may have eaten a zillion toddler-sized broccoli pancakes for dinner tonight. They're that good.

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