Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I need a warm-weather "uniform"

This is sad, but true.  Apparently spring has sprung in Texas and the 70-degree weather is here to stay.  This has caused me to re-think my current "uniform" of various falling-apart jeans, Puma sneakers, J.Crew outlet cotton tees and my Northface fleece.  I know, I know, I became a mom and "gave up."  But see, I'm not working right now and my days involve a lot of yogurt, fruit juice, playground dirt and snot so I'm reluctant to get that crap all over the few decent clothes I do have.  However, Audrey and I are now in 2 playgroups, have become friendly with the neighbors, and are getting out more so it's time to put some effort in.  You know it's bad when someone at the gym compliments you on a workout shirt you've had for almost FIVE YEARS.  (Everyone doesn't still work out in their college clothes??!  Why didn't I get this memo??)   

Here are a few items I'm eyeing.  I'll have to play around on Polyvore later to put some actual outfits together.  And wait for some major sales of course. 

Ann Taylor Loft Top -

But $54 for what is basically a t-shirt?  Really Ann Taylor Loft??

Joe's jean capris -

Anthropologie shoes (I realize these might not work with this particular outfit but I love them so they must become mine, one way or another.  Ebay, I'm talking to you.) -

That's about as far as I've gotten.  And no, there's no way in hell I'll be wearing those shoes on the playground.  They are more of a "fun" thing, to remind me that I can still go out and have fun, even if that fun often involves making "light" margaritas in my kitchen blender with my neighbor while we complain about having no cute clothes. 

Does anyone else fall into this "uniform" rut with me?  Does it get exponentially worse with each kid?  Will I be wearing trucker hats and my husband's sweat pants by #3?

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