Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Re-do

My vision for the weekend = While the Hubs is away with his stepdad for a manly fishing weekend, I planned to have a fun-filled mommy-son weekend that entailed the following:
  1. Amazing and snoring-free night's sleep(s) in the center of the bed (after curling up with the Kindle for a good read).
  2. The Little Gym acrobatics where T and I run ourselves silly before fabulous simultaneous and lengthy morning naps.
  3. Hearing lots and lots of little man giggles.
  4. Lots of quality Grandma & Grandpa time, including time at the mall where I could find the perfect sundress to kick off the "spring" season (because March = spring) and get T some new spring shoes.

My reality for the weekend =
  1. Fast-moving virus and ear infection starts to show post-daycare, pre-bedtime. Enter green snot and sneezing with Friday's dinner.
  2. Forgot to charge the Kindle. Snoring-free night's sleep interrupted with T crying and coughing in his sleep all night long due to arrival of T's new ickiness.
  3. The Little Gym acrobatics replaced by pediatrician visit. Ear infection confirmed. Dual nap replaced by pharmacy visit for antibiotics.
  4. Where did my giggley toddler go? He was replaced with a persnippity, not-feeling-so-hot kiddo who refused to nap. Stinks.
  5. Lots of Grandma & Grandpa time = accomplished. Lucky for him, they still find him cute, even when he's cranky and nap-less. My spring shopping = not accomplished. (Though T managed to get a couple pairs of shoes (including these, in grey, love.) out of the deal. Toddler impatience and mommy's indecisive gene = decision to just buy it and move on before public green-snot meltdown).

The good news? Momma has been in her PJs since 8pm today and took a Melatonin with some ice cream for her evening of US Weekly & Psych and the couch. It's an hour past T's first sleep-cry of last night and the monitor is still silent (ahhh, don't jinx it, don't jinx it!)....Maybe the antibiotics are already kicking in and we'll have a great Sunday on the heels of a good night sleep afterall? Keep your fingers crossed, people. This lady is t-i-r-e-d.

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