Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's List Time! 12 Month-old Toys

I'm genetically pre-disposed to love lists. I truly heart them. Reminder lists, shopping lists, to-do lists - just to name a few. Give me a good reason to open an excel document and start filling in the columns (for anything other than math) and I'm on it.

It's been a few months since I posted my list on newborn must-haves. So, as the newest "expert" on early toddlers, I thought it might be fun (for me, at least) to compile a list of favorite toys of the week for 1-year olds, based on one sole subject, my son.* (And yes, it is Saturday night and my fun is putting together a list.)

So, here goes.

1. Rollipop Marble Run - My kid is obsessed with this toy. Not just dropping the oversized marbles onto the track and watching them as they travel down the shoot - but also taking the track apart and handing it to me, piece by piece, again and again. Oh, and dropping it into the bathtub. However he plays with it, it's a sure success in my house.

2. Singing Soccer Ball - Once he discovered it sang when he kicked it, T was sold on this one.

3. Kid-sized chair - Can a personalized piece of furniture be considered a toy? Yes, yes it can. T loves being a "big boy" and sitting in it with a book. He also likes to get in trouble trying to stand on it and fall off backward. We're working on the latter.

4. Bag of Balls - Mainly, he likes getting the balls in and out of the mesh bag - and then throwing himself on top of the balls as they roll around beneath him.**

5. Big Green Ball - Otherwise known as the "babaaall" in our house. Some random $2 oversized ball from Target (that isn't even worth them putting online) actually gets T excited enough on a daily basis to ask for it by name (well, sort-of). Sometimes it's the most random things that truly turn out to be the very best toys.

6. Blow-up Fort - The age on this toy says 3+, probably because they expect kids to actually "play fort" all civilized and stuff in it. Nope, my kid likes to try to bounce off the walls of this toy as hard as he can and tip and flip it over while he's inside it. I'm not saying it's the greatest idea to actually let him use it like his own personal wrestling ring, but can you say pre-naptime energy burn?

And my one-year old's most favorite non-toy toys? These things generally keep him even more entertained than toys.

1. Fly Swatters - One for each hand. He's like a little Obi-Wan Kenobi.

2. Pitchers - Every time he's in the kitchen, he asks for the 2 pitchers we had on top of our fridge. He stacks them and unstacks them. Puts things inside them. Easily 30-minutes of play time, from 2 household items.

3. The Dog Bed - Gross. I know. But the dog's like his big brother in a way, right? So I try to ignore the fact that T runs, dives, and rolls in dog hair on a daily basis. At least he bathes, right?

4. Daddy's PJs - I ask you...what's more fun than carrying daddy's pants around the house?

So did I forget anything? I'll need fun ideas for next week, when T is bored with all of these toys!

*Disclaimer: Your kid may hate these ideas.

** Future sports star? Perhaps not...

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