Thursday, April 12, 2012


So I've been slacking on the blog posts this week - oops.  And I feel the need to throw out a little disclaimer about the dog collar in last's week case anyone is thinking of calling CPS on me, we don't MAKE Audrey wear the dog collar.  Just like we don't make her throw her food on the floor first and then eat it, or crawl around instead of walking.  She does these things on her own, people.  Because she is obsessed with dogs.  And really, what can I do about it?  It's not in Dr. Sears' parenting handbooks, it's not something you really bring up in playgroup, unless you are looking to get permanently uninvited.  So I'm letting it go, trying to remember to remove the dog collar before we leave the house, and hoping she grows out of this fascination before we reach pooping-and-peeing-in-the-grass stage. 

I'm not in the best mood tonight because my inner fat child is screaming for sugar.  Remember a few weeks back how I've been working out like crazy for the past 4 months with the end result of being 5 pounds heavier with painted-on jeans?  Yeah, *dislike.*  To remedy this I decided to start "carb cycling" which means you alternate eating carbs one day and then not the next, to trick your body into burning more fat.  It's not really so much a fad diet as a "lifestyle change."  Week one was fine and I did pretty well but this week SUCKS.  I fell off the wagon when my grandmother sent Audrey an entire Easter basket worth of candy, most of which she couldn't eat.  I dutifully threw a lot in the trash and stuffed the hub as full as I could but still succumbed to the chocolate bunny, just like that idiot in the Truvia commercial does (BTW, does anyone think the girl who sings in those commercials sounds good?  I cringe every time one comes on.)  Now my body seems to remember what sugar/chocolate/simple white carbs taste like and will not let me rest until it gets more, more, more!  To help motivate me to keep cutting the sugar and crappy carbs, I'm reading this book -


I don't really go for the self-help type books but it's actually ringing pretty true for me.  The premise is that our generation of women is "spent," meaning we are overly-stressed, under-rested, and basically surviving on sugar and caffeine highs.  It's not really anything earth-shattering, but it's interesting to read what this is doing to our bodies from the inside, as well as get some tips on how to cut the bad stuff out and feel better.  Disclaimer 2: this is just my personal opinion, not endorsing the book or this doc in any way.

Okay, done venting and "whining"- back to the babies part next time.

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