Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Hunt for Jammies

I can’t believe I’m the only parent of a toddler that still wants to dress her child in footed jammies for sleep. Yes, in theory, maybe it's time to start dressing him in big boy PJs. But seeing T run all around in a dinosaur-themed one-piece with a big ole diaper butt around back is just the picture of innocence that makes my heart melt. So why in the world are they so darned hard to find?

I swear, kindergarten-sized footed jammies are easier to come by than ones for my not quite 16 month old. What’s up with that? Send me in the right direction people, I’m really at a loss here. I beg you, tell me where I can find them! My heart is starting to break a little as I realize that I may need to start dressing T in GASP! actual 2-piece pajamas with snaps and buttons and stuff.

Ok, that’s it. My brain is so consumed by the lack of footed jammies in T’s drawer that I have no other thoughts at the moment.

Carry on with your evenings.

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