Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jammies Shenanigans #2

You know you are first-time parents when both your Hubs and you **freak out** in the middle of the night because your kiddo went to bed for the first time in button-up two-piece jammies and you are both convinced that said PJs will make your child confused and hurt himself.*  I know, crazy. And T wasn’t as concerned with this BIG CHANGE in his life as his parents were. Instead, he was very much enamored with the “Mel-mo” ‘s on his sleeves and legs as he went to bed.

Like I’ve established every time T cries at night….we’re surprised, because he usually doesn’t cry at night.** So last night, as you can probably guess how the story unfolds, he cried in his sleep. Hence the parental freak out. We looked on the monitor and it appeared through night vision that his jammies came off. Not sure how we thought it was possible for him to get off the pants AND buttoned-up top while sleeping, but we did. Blame it on the 3am brain waves. Crazy shiz goes through your head when you’re awake that many hours past bedtime. So we were terrified he’d strangle himself with his PJ bottoms. I say “we” because it wasn’t just me being neurotic – Hubs was equally worried about the disappearing PJs and how they were bound to hurt our child. Lovely middle-of-the-night thoughts, right? So we decide that I should sneak into T’s room and steal the jammies that absolutely must be wrapped his poor little nekkid neck from the crib. Heart-pounding, worried I’m going to wake him up and/or resuscitate him, I open the door…only to find him sleeping peacefully, fully clothed in his jammies. Yes, first-time worry warts and crazy people we most certainly are.  

Someone loves his two-piece "Mel-mo" jammies.

*Side story – There is quite a bit of hesitation on my part to put the little guy into regular grown-up PJs, as I talked about here. Yes, the whole exercise is a teardrop inducer for me. Can’t help it. Although I admit, 5 new footed jammies are on the way to my doorstep thanks to the online searching of a friend (do my friends rock or what? She saw my hardship…and she delivered.)

**Yes, I do understand that the more events I write about where T is crying at night, the more of a liar I make of myself. But really, he’s usually a pretty solid night sleeper. Cries are surprising and not typically the norm.

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  1. G is in a night waking fiasco. I blame teeth. We got new melmo jammies today! FINALLY I FOUND THEM. I love the 2 piecers. love. always. so funny.

    I worry G is jumping out of his crib now that I am sans video monitor.