Thursday, April 26, 2012

To cut or not to cut...

Somebody's looking a little shaggy, eh?  And yet, I can't bring myself to cut her hair.  I know this is totally ridiculous, but when she agrees to wear a barrette it's passable and so I keep putting it off.  In addition, my mother is strangely obsessed with Audrey's hair and keeps threatening me with unknown consequences if I cut it. 

I guess it's time to try pigtails or something.  Although baby hair is so fine and wispy I don't see it holding up well in an elastic.  Nor do I see her sitting peacefully on the floor while I attempt said hairdo.  And so that is why she "needed" (yes hub, needed) several of those cute Gymboree hair curlies on Saturday.  And those were so cute that then she sort of "needed" a top and capris to match...right?  And this is why you should not set foot in children's clothing stores.

Speaking of shopping though, I FINALLY ventured to the "good" mall here in Dallas over the weekend.  Sad that it took me 10 months to get there but yes, I drove on 2 highways with 3 different names each all by myself without getting lost because I'm 32 years old.  And for those of you (Chris) laughing at that, okay, I get it, but a) we don't have GPS and b) my stellar sense of direction always ends me up in the ghetto so I have reason to be wary.  So yes, this is something of an accomplishment.

Now who wants to lend me Hunger Games book #3 so I can finish the series?  I'm number 30 on the waiting list at the library.  Apparently all 29 other library members want to read this one freaking book too.  Not cool.

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