Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hello Doctor, It's me. Again.

You know it’s not a good thing when you hear “I can actually spell your last name without looking” from your pediatrician’s receptionist. Especially when you have my last name…it’s a tricky one.

Calling the nurse too much? Perhaps. Crazy mommy? Possibly. Ready for T to be done with the sickies? Definitely.

Last week, T’s ongoing perpetual “allergy” cough turned into an insane and yes, slightly scary-sounding can’t-catch-breath-dog-bark cough and puke episode. Diagnosis? Apparently the sinus infection that plagued us for the entire month of February and part of March before disappearing actually never went away and somehow settled in T’s chest, thickened and created the God-awful cough issue. More antibiotics. The good thing is you’d never know he was sick – it didn’t slow him down in the least.

That is, til yesterday, when he turned into a crankpot with a 102 fever out of nowhere. Which is great timing, since the Hubs has business trips up the wazoo this week followed by a fishing trip with his buddies that only comes around once a year. So I’m single-parenting it this week with a grump. And let me tell you, That boy is a fussypants with a capital F when he doesn’t feel good. His bad-patient behavior makes me feel a little sorry for what his future wife has in store for herself one day and certainly made me justify eating peanut butter M&Ms and the last of the Cadbury Mini Eggs at 8am. Energy food. So diagnosis #2? Apparently kiddos on antibiotics can get fevers (and rashes, FYI) for no other reason other than they are on antibiotics and may have previously undiscovered yuckiness working its way out of their bodies. (That is the official medical description, of course.) Who knew?

Definitely not me, as I made call #1056 to the doctor’s office today with my standard line, “Uh….So….Not sure what’s going on here…”

Hope that the random yuckiness makes its way out of T sooner rather than later so that I don’t completely pity-consume the pantry out of all the chocolate and wine we own. (And I do kinda miss those smiles he usually shares with me too.)

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  1. I had my first glass of wine at 5 then took fussy gussy on a walk and didn't let him walk at all. Sickies without anyone to commiserate with is for the birds :)