Monday, April 2, 2012


So Easter is obviously next weekend and I am nowhere near ready.  Audrey is at that age (20 months) where she's now old enough to do things like hunt for eggs, but still doesn't "get" holidays so technically I could take a pass and skip it this year if I wanted...however, I loved Easter when I was little (minus the church-before-egg-and-basket-hunting-part) and I'd like to at least make her a little basket and stash some eggs in our excuse for a backyard. 

The hub sort of threw a wrench in my plans by coming home with 2 dozen plastic eggs, plastic green "grass," and a ghetto basket yesterday from the dollar store.  Not that there is anything wrong with any of that of course - and I'm all about a bargain - but I kind of wanted to make a little project out of this, get a cute basket from Target and dust off my creative brain cells at Hobby Lobby, you know?  But hubs don't understand these things.  They don't care if things are made with lead in China.  They see "Dollar Store" and think there's no reason to ever enter another Target.  But I digress. 

In my fantasy-land, Easter would go something like this:

Audrey would wear this sold-out Baby Gap dress and manage not to spill a single thing on it:

We'd have brunch at a nice restaurant where everyone behaves themselves and I'd get to drink a mimosa (or two, or three...).  Then we'd get an adorable family photo where all of us are looking at the camera, smiling, and no one's sporting a random double-chin.  Audrey's Easter basket would be filled with Kinder Eggs, which are sadly and lamely banned in the U.S. (Seriously Customs and Border Protection???)

In reality we'll probably end up at IHOP, fending off one meltdown after another, and one of us will be wearing the dog's collar: 

Because that's how we roll. #parentsoftheyear

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  1. Ahhh, wish it were earlier. They're not banned here (choking hazard...psshh!)! They'd never make it there in time now :(