Monday, August 20, 2012

A weekend "getaway"

This weekend marked the five-year wedding anniversary (and the ten-year dating anniversary) of the Hubs and Moi. Man, we are getting old. When we first started dating, rolling home from a bar before the wee hours of the night was considered early. Now, when I’m not in PJs and it’s past 10:30, it’s a big night out. Old, I tell you.

So to commemorate when we were younger and, quite possibly, more fun, my in-laws came to our house to watch T for the weekend and we checked into the hotel we got married in (all of 15 minutes down the road) for a couple nights to be kid-less and fancy-free. We spent a good deal of time at the hotel bar, went bowling (I won a game!), checked out a movie at the Alamo, and stuffed ourselves full of chocolate fondue (oh, and dinner). And because it’s preseason, it means that the hubs is already immersed up to his eyeballs in all things football (aka “Vickie, these preseason, [read: non-important] games are VERY important. They determine who I should draft for my fantasy football team [read: the activity that takes up my entire life come fall].” So I kept the hubby company and watched them out of the corner of my eye while eavesdropping on others sitting at the bar too. (Jennifer’s parents were trying to get her to come to the hotel to set her up with a group of non-straight guys, it made for interesting convo spying.)

A great weekend, though I might quite possibly be up 3 pounds solely from food eaten on Saturday. Capped off by starting my diet today with a 22-gram-of-fat brownie at my desk. Make that 4 pounds.

Look at the hubs....gutter ball it out. Winner winner, right here!

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