Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little monster

True story.

I actually called the doctor today to ask if being psychotic was normal at T’s age.

Yesterday was day 5 of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad bath-time mood …on the heels of a unbelievably horrid morning routine and daycare drop-off. Both tantrums had ear-popping hysterics, red-faces, foot stomping, clenched fists, stiff as a board bodies, full-body shaking and a nonstop litany of screamed “no’s!” coming from my toddler’s mouth. Fabulous quality time, I tell you.

Apparently, it’s normal.

The nurse said be prepared for years of this behavior. (Wha-WHAT?!) Apparently, my child’s crazytown rants are just from him not being able to express his frustration. She said her daughter is five and still does exactly what I described.

Holy crap. Momma is going to need a whole lotta wine and a whole lotta retail therapy if this keeps up….years…..

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