Friday, August 31, 2012

Meet the teacher

Today was Big Day #1 on our getting-ready-for-preschool agenda - meet the teachers!  Audrey is in a class of ten 2-year olds with 2 teachers and today was the first day we actually went to school, saw the classroom, met the teachers and played with some of the other kids. 

Audrey told me she wanted to dress "fancy" for the occasion, so, after trying on about 5 dresses we finally settled on this little Target number:

Audrey was super shy in the classroom but jumped right in on the playground and ran around with all of the other kids for about an hour.  She does know about 3 other kids at this school, which helps.  I can't believe her first day is next Wednesday - I'm already getting weepy about it :( 

Of course starting preschool wouldn't be complete without some clueless mom moves on my part.  Apparently I'm the only mom in class not to know that preschoolers need something called a "nap mat" and that you need to go out and buy one more than 3 days before your kid starts school.  Otherwise, you might as well be mining for gold on Mars because that's about as much luck as you're going to have finding one.  Target?  Sold out.  WalMart?  Sold out.  Pottery Barn?  Back-ordered until the end of September.  Kohl's, TJ Maxx - forget it.  And so you have to order one on Amazon and spend a small fortune having it over-nighted to you so that your child isn't the only one without a "nap mat" on the first day.  Lesson learned.  Now I just need to label all of her clothing, find some miniature freezer packs for her lunchbox, and stop drinking heavily and I think we might just be ready by Wednesday!  Thank God I don't have twins, eh?

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