Tuesday, August 28, 2012

And the baths were going so well...

Until 4 days ago.

We were doing so well. If you remember, T & I had a bit of a bathing run-in a few months ago. Luckily, the problem disappeared pretty quickly and T remembered that he did love his bath after all. 

Fast forward a few nights ago when my child turned into a crazy pants at bath time again. Not just crazy. Batshit crazy. Starting when it comes time to take off his clothes he LOSES. HIS. MIND. He doesn't want me to take off his clothes. He doesn't want me to take off his shoes. He doesn't want the hubs to do it either. Or even try to do it himself.  So a tantrum of massive proportions ensues. 

And the tantrum lasts through the entire attempt to give him a bath - which looks more like us trying to drown him and him leaving the bath three-quarters dry more than anything else. And then the tantrum lasts through getting ready for bed. (I'm exhausted just thinking about it.)*

Me, being the untrained expert psychotherapist that I am, I'm sure that these tantrums are triggered as soon as it's time to get nekkid for the bath (possibly by the idea that he has to stop playing with his toys to do big boy things like bathe). And part of me thinks that because he never took a paci or sucked his thumb, he's never really learned the art of soothing himself when he's upset. And part of me is sure this is a clue to what will be a quick temper in the works. And part of me is totally afraid that this is a sign that my child is going to be one of those grungy middle school kids who are anti-cleanliness down the road.

Whatever it is....If any moms out there have tricks on how to remind him how just a week ago, he loved getting naked and playing in the bath - I am all ears. The 30+ minutes of window-cracking screaming has got to go.

Funny enough, as soon as it's time to read his bedtime story and say goodnight, he calms right down and goes right to sleep. But if this phase doesn't phase out pronto, it's going to drive the hubs bonkers and me to drink. 

*Erika, consider this post an advance apology for the insanity that appears pretty likely to ensure at bedtime this weekend. 

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