Thursday, August 2, 2012

Outfit of the day

I love when people post their outfits on their blogs and I'm lacking inspiration for a good blog post this week so I'm going to be lame and copy them.  I'm also not sold on this outfit because I just don't know what to wear with colored denim.  I had a moment of insanity a few months back and bought into the skinny colored jean trend.  Only problem is every time I wear these jeans I look in the mirror and think THIGHS.  But tonight I went out on a "mom date" - by that I mean dinner with another mom, sans kids - and wanted to dress up a bit despite the fact that it's 107 degrees outside.  So here's what I came up with:

From top to bottom:

Earrings: Chinatown, NYC (miss that place)
Watch: Last Call Neiman Marcus
Top: Tracy Reese for Anthropologie
Jeans: J Brand (Bloomies)
Shoes: Coach (Marshall's)

My mom friend showed up in a pink silk dress so I was kinda slumming it by comparison but the only little black dress I own is maternity, although yes, I still wear it (sad).   What do you guys wear on "mom dates?"  Shorts feels too casual but pants are just so hot...and I can't find a cute maxi dress to save my life.  Do they exist???  If so, please tell me where.  And if you aren't going out on "mom dates," you should.  I had 2 glasses of wine, some really good Lebanese food, and 2 hours of uninterrupted conversation.


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