Monday, August 6, 2012


I am that person.

I just sent out a save-the-date email for T’s 2nd birthday to our family (and an outlook calendar request to the hubs). Isn’t his birthday in December, you say? Why yes, yes it is. Are you that neurotic, you ask? It appears that I am.

But as the crazy plan-aheader that I am, I noticed that the weekend before T’s actual birthday is December 22nd and 23rd. It pretty much goes without saying that no one will be available that weekend – I am pretty much banking on that fact and pushing up my barely 19 month old’s birthday party by a week.

So rather than compete with everyone’s holiday plans and parties down the road, I think, why not block out a couple of hours during the busiest month of the year – now, when no one is remotely thinking of Santas and dreidels – instead of when most normal people would plan for it?*
Because I might be a little nuts.**

* I’ve even beat my own neurotic schedule. Last year, I sent this same email out in September.
** And a little guilt-ridden that my child is stuck competing with Santa for his entire life.

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